Day 3-Caneel Bay

Didn't accomplish much today. Woke up early and went to breakfast at 7:30. I had some blueberry pancakes, fresh fruit and some coffee. Very delicious and fulfilling. I went back to the room and decided to grab my computer to check email and the like.

I decided i really didn't want to do much today so I figured I would lay at the beach, swim and just do nothing. I know very rough life, but somebody has to do it. We had rain early on today but it soon faded at about 9 and the sky remained blue with a few hints of clouds throughout.

The beach as always was gorgeous. The sun was in full force and I tried to remain out of the direct sun so i positioned my beach chair under a palm tree. Because the sun constantly moves, i had to re position my chair often. At 1:45 I decided to have lunch and on the menu this day was hamburgers and hot dogs. The salad was very delicious and of course they had my favorite ...olives.

I spent a large majority of the afternoon from about 4pm on reading a fantastic book called, "Many Lives, Many Masters". Very interesting book and seems to be filling a void that may exist in my life at the moment. I make sure that I learn as much as i can. I also took numerous photos of the sunset from the room. All I can say is WOW. I never get tired of sunsets. They are a contstant reminder that I am continually connected and that every day has a beautiful end. With every beautiful beginnning comes a beautiful end.

Here are the remaining pictures at this link.

Day 3

More to follow tomorrow...