Day 4-Caneel Bay

Okay so i decided to sleep in today a bit. I think i woke up at 830 or 9ish. I decided to make coffee in my room and read on this particular morning. I read for about an hour and then headed up to the main lobby where I could check emails and respond to any business related material. One thing i realized today as it finished up is that i didn't take any pictures :-(.

At 10:45 I headed up to the lobby and checked emails, responded to friend requests and comments on friendster and tried to catch up on events around the world. At Noon i had lunch at the caneel buffett and made myself eat some salad. Seems like I go on vacation and forget to eat greens so i decided to gorge on greens this day.

After lunch, i went back to the room and relaxed in the AC and lounged on the bed. I began reading my book again and found myself dozing off. I awoke at 1:45 and decided to go sit out in the water and get some sun (more of something i don't really need :-) ) The beach was nice and it wasn't particularly hot on this day. The breeze was coming out of the east and seemed to cool things off significantly. I laid on the beach chairs for about 20 minutes while listening to my ipod, but then decided to take a floating raft out and sit on the water. It was calm and beautiful and I found myself enjoying this for the next several hours.

At 5, i took a trip over to trunk bay. It was very neat and is a great place to snorkel and see fish, coral and other live creatures. The locals feel like it is overused and there used to be much more color and better scenery. I enjoyed it for all i could. When you arrive at trunk bay you notice a small little island out in the water and that is where the snorkling path begins. In all it takes about 25 to 30 minutes to go around the very small island/jetty.

After getting my fill of seeing exotic fish and some amazing scenery, I took my fins, goggle and snorkle off and just swam for about an hour. It was very enjoyable watching the sunset behind St. Thomas. After an enjoyable afternoon, it was back to the resort for a quick shower and then off to pick up dinner at an amazing little italian joint in the heart of St. John called Romas. For dinner it was a penne in a vodka cream sauce. Very spicy and very tasty. Some of the best pasta i have ever had. If you are on St. John, check it out.

Called it a night at about 10:30. Tomorrow is the big birthday. Not sure what is on the agenda. Will probably keep a low profile and read and enjoy the amazing weather and sunshine. Stay tuned for more pics and stories tomorrow...

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