Small things in life...

As I sit here on this Saturday night composing this blog, i reflect on things that i am very thankful for.  On this particular night, it isn't anything big, but rather 3 rather small things, pepper, tigher, and precious.

They are three amazing gifts that have been given to me or that I was directed towards and they are my kitties.  They have been part of my life for the almost the past three years.  I have had pepper for the longest.  I picked her up in 2004 with my ex in coronado as a play partner for Thomas.

I have pictures of the little girl sleeping on me and a few cute pics of her around the house.  She really became my heart and when my ex moved out, aside from the obvious hurt, there was the hurt of missing the closest thing to a daughter i have ever had.  I would look back on pics of pepper and cry thinking about my failed relationship and the fact that pepper was no longer in my life.

Precious and Tigher we picked up in florida to give pepper play pals while we were away.  Tigher and her brother socks came home with us but we realized after the first day that we had to take socks back because he was just too hornry.  We picked out Precious, a cute little tuxedo, in socks' place.

When my ex returned to california in October, I was left with the three girls and spent many nights playing with them, nuzzling them on the couch, and having them sleep with me at night with the door closed.  The bond was solidified.  They knew my place as provider and protector and I realized the place in my heart that these three had notched out in my heart

When i came home that night in december and saw pepper was gone, it was as a piece of my life was gone, in more ways than one.  I was thankful for still having precious and tigher in my world.  Had they all three left, i think my state would have been worse.

I got the call a few weeks ago telling me that pepper was coming home.  I was so excited.  I told the girls and they seemed disinterested, but I knew that they were really looking forward to her return.

Upon her return there was lots of hissing but after weeks it has subsided and it is like no time has passed and they are best of friends...again.

Thanks to the universe for bringing her back into my life.  I am so blesed.  So as my title says, it is the small things in life that keep me happy.

Pictures below 

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