Day 10-Leverick Bay to Little Dix back to Caneel Bay

Awesome day. Woke up relatively early and got a start on the morning. It was interesting to have TV on this island because it seems so remote, however, it was nice to be able to see cnn and fox and catch up on world events. Today we were going to snorkel at savannah bay, however, we had to turn our towels back in and it would have caused hell on the rental car.

So we decided to drive over to Little Dix Bay, which is another property in the Rosewood Family. We arrived at about 9:45 and dropped the car off with hospitality. One very nice thing about renting a car (from hertz) is that you can rent it from the local rental and drop it off at the resort where you are staying. Since most of the ferries leave out of little dix bay, returning the car was very easy and convenient.

After dropping the keys off to hospitality we headed to the beach. Immediately I put on my snorkel gear and headed out into little dix bay. The scenery, although not very colorful, is extremely alive. Fish were swimming. Saw a few baracuda's and tons of colorful fish. The reef is about 25-50 yds off the beach and creates a nice barrier against any rough waters. After snorkeling for about an hour, decided to go and lounge for a bit.

After lounging for a bit, the rains started to come in at about 11:30 which was perfect because I was hungry for lunch. Sat under a hut and watched it rain while drinking my arnold palmer. very nice. Had a tough steak sandwich, not to self, next time stick with a burger.

Time came quickly and before I knew it i was on the ferry heading back to caneel. Before you can go to caneel, you have to clear US customs. It took about 20 minutes and before long, i was back at caneel.

The evening was spent watching Ace Ventura, going to the bar and having pasta, and then returning to the room to watch Little Britain. I was tired and fell asleep at 11. More tomorrow...the final full day at Caneel.

Day 10

Until Next time