Day 5 Caneel Bay-August 1-My Birthday

I woke up early today. After all it is my birthday...jeez how often does that happen. I also realized that i am crazy. I can't believe I am up an out the door at 7am local time, which is 3 am our time in San Diego...what the hell am i thinking. My sleep patterns are going to be screwed up beyond belief when i get back to San Diego.

I had breakfast this morning at the cafe and was greeted as usual in the morning style, "Good Morning Chad". I like that they remember your name. Somehow or another they remembered it was my birthday as well and that was very impressive. I had my usual pancakes and sausage this morning for breakfast.

I decided to go back to my room and read the last of "Many Lives, Many Masters". I was getting drawn in by the book and had to finish it. When i went back to the room, housekeeping was working their magic, so i decided to read on the reclining chairs out side of the room. I remain true to form, I start reading and within 2 minutes, i am sound asleep. I awake at 11:30 and go inside the room to finish up the last 35 pages of the book. Very good insights in the book, some of it is hard to believe, but bottom line is that if people start to take responsibility for the quality of their lives, learn to love thy neighbor, and just try and do good all around, the world DEFINATELY would be a better place.

After finishing the book, i went to the beach with my snorkel gear and tons of sunscreen cause it gets hella hot here. I snorkeled around the island to a spot called honeymoon, which is about a quarter mile away from the resort off to the left hand side. It was a bout a 30 minute swim and well worth it. I saw tons of marine life. The fish are very beautiful and the water is about 75 to 80 degrees in temperature.

Upon arriving back to the beaches at caneel, i decided to have lunch. I had a salad and a hot dog. What a nutritious lunch. Actually the hot dogs down here are very good. If you are here, i highly recommend them. After lunch, i proceeded to go back down to the beach and relax. I mean, i am 36 now and sleep, as you get older is important (at least to me it is). I napped for about 10 minutes under the shade tree and then decided to go into the water.

After coming out of the water, I laid under the shade trees for a bit. Very peaceful and serene. I met someone from LA that works in the financial industry. It was quite ironic that their birthday was on friday. Seems like leo's are everywhere. Parents needed some extra heat in november is all i can think of.

I wrapped up the day at 5 pm and went back to the room to change. Dinner tonight was going to be at Tage in town. I had an amazing pork dish served over potatoes and onions. For desert, i had a banana dish that was deep fried and served in a bed of peanut butter and drizzled with chocolate. It was an early night and by 9:30, i was pretty much asleep (for you west coasters, that is 6pm your time :-) )

Here are some pics

Day 5- My Birthday

More tomorrow...

side note: Going to Bitter End on Friday so I may not have access to the internet until i get back, if that is the case, i will have to do a summation of the trip over there because i may not bring my laptop.