Day 9-Leverick Bay-relaxing sunday

Today was a chill day. Didn't do a whole lot. Did find out that the cove has limited staff and limited breakfast in the off season. Tried to order breakfast but they didn't really have anything. Went into the compass pointe and bought some cereal and milk and ate out of styrofoam cups in the in room. After breakfast, went down and laid out for a bit under a hut. It was very nice and very relaxing.

At about 12 ate lunch. Had an enourmous plate of nachos which was good, fresh and not very greasy. They (whomever they are) say you are not supposed to swim until after 30 minutes so that your food can digest. What do they know, my ass was in the water snorkeling after 5 minutes. The water was a bit murky and i absorbed all that i could. I did find that the locals and the non locals seem to not care much for their waters. I picked up at least 20 pieces of trash on the bottom of leverick bay. Old bottles and plastic cups tend to be the main culprits. I almost got stung by an urchin because i wasn't careful when i picked up an old can.

Upon coming out of the water, i was praised by quite a few for my valiant efforts. I just feel that we have to do our part as much as we can to keep things beautiful for generations to come. A very nice dutchman asked me to join him and his son and daughter as they snorkeled the bay. We saw a very large pufferfish, I showed them a conch (live) and also a few starfish. Unfortunately, i didnt' have the underwater camera so i couldn't take pictures. I will try and get some at caneel when i get back.

This particular evening was very busy at Leverick bay. The society of black boaters was in town (as their shirts said) and there was a live band. The music flowed until 10:30 and everyone seemed to be having a jolly time. I even saw my dutch friend dancing with his son and daughter to the lively music. Only a few shots today.

Life is great and we have to enjoy every second of regrets.

Day 9

Until Next time...