Letter to my aunt and uncle...

Brad and Cindy,

Well this is just an email for uncle brick and Cindy Lou to let you know that everything in San Diego is great. Jake is doing awesome and we have been working out a lot together. We make a good team cause we motivate each other. He, as you know is working at the bike store and doing fantastic. Everyone there loves him. I watched him the other day with the clients and he is great...good listener, great interaction, Brad, you would be proud...you too Cindy.

He is also dating a very nice girl (well lets be honest...stalking is a better word) I am kidding. Her name is Jamie (sp). He met her out one night and I must say she is quite a looker. Very nice, very settled and not 100% into Jake, which is why he likes her. She lives very close to the bike store on the beach and when he gets off, he treks over and spends some time with her. He seems genuinely happy.

Last night I went and picked him up at starbucks by jaimes house and he was telling me all about how warm and fuzzy she makes him feel. I love hearing about it because to me Jake is like the little brother I never had. He respects me and we listen and learn from each other. What a great kid is all I can say. Jake is definitely destined for great things. Speaking of great things, so it seems that Jourdan and Sam are going to be doing better than good here in the future. Sam’s album has already pre-sold out in many locations around California. I am elated for both of them and Jake too. The fruits of your labor have paid off. You guys did the best you could with your kids and they turned out exceptional.

Sure we all have our gripes about our childhood, who doesn’t. Some kids have silver spoons in their mouths from birth, and others have to fight in the jungle to make sure they don’t get overtaken by the forestation. I am doing well. Just plugging away at my business, trying to make contacts and doing the best I can by being the best person possible. I can’t say it isn’t hard and that my flighty ways don’t hit me all the time. More often than naught, I want to say “to hell with this, I am going to get a nine to five”, but I know deep in my heart I have to stick this one out. I can’t just expect immediate results. I have to be patient and believe that my hard work, my struggles and my determination to not quit are the key to being successful. I want to experience the financial success our family so deserved. I want to be able to give my kids the things they need, not necessarily what they want.

I didn’t intend this to be a novel. Just wanted to say hello and tell you both that Jake is a blessing and a really smart kid. He has a great head on his shoulders and I am lucky to have him here with me.
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