Okay San Diego...come on!!!!

Okay here we are in crisis mode. There are wildflowers all over the place. There is ash falling everywhere and people need a place to live.

On my walk home this morning I was chipper and joyful, until i saw this.

Have we really become such a society that we can't pick up after our dogs. It wasn't a stray because they get picked up when they run loose.

This is my community and i take pride in it. I keep my place clean and pick up trash when i see it lying around. Have that same pride and take care of your own place. If you want someplace to be nice and look nice, start with looking towards yourself.

If anyone needs refuge in this time of need, i offer up my apartment. It isnt' much but will provide a roof over your head. I am on the road traveleing for the month of November and December so it may give you refuge for a bit.

Until next time,
Chad BordesLifeComment