What happens to us...

So i woke up this morning thinking about the day ahead, my life and past friends.  So a song came on that made me think of a good fried Ashley.  

I have known ashley for many years.  I met him in the 90's when he and i were in college.  We both worked at the same bakery.  I trained him, and i must admit sometimes he was a little clumsy. I remember one time when I got off at 2 i told ashley to bake two hummingbird cakes.  I stopped by at 6pm to see how things were going, I asked him what the burning smell was and he freaked and said the humming bird cakes.  Seems he left them in the oven too long...2 hours too long.

Ashley had it pretty rough and was involved in two car accidents, one was alchohol related and in all truth shouldn't have lived but he did.  He met a girl, got married and had children.  He was a groomsman at my wedding when i got married in 99.  We used to talk alot, close friends and discussed so much.

Now we don't talk that much.  He came into my head and I will call him because friendship knows no distance and observes time as a second on the clock.  Friends are in our lives for a reason...when they pop in your head like that, give them a call and follow up with email.  its what makes this life so great.

think about your friends...give them a call.
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