A baby and a mothers love

This blog is going to be short today.  I woke up rather early, say 5am.  I couldn't sleep.  I guess my body has had enough sleep and is fully rested.  I got out of bed and traipsed into the shower happily.  I got dressed and decided to go downstairs early

I really believe the universe tells us that there are things we need to do and we have to follow those cues.  That is the reason we seek behind everything.  It is the universe drawing us to new things and things we need to see.

I stopped at the coffee shop, Paladio, in the Bellagio and sat down after receiving my apple muffin and black coffee.  I chose a table close to the window next to a younger couple that had just had a baby.  This was no ordinary baby, but an adorable baby.  She had the cutest face ever. Big chubby cheeks, big blue eyes and the slightest trace of hair growing in.   She had the biggest smile and seemed to have a fascination with her toes.

Her mother and father were elated to have her in their lives.  In a conversation with them, they actually have two others, 3 and 5 who happened to call from grandma and grandpas while we conversing.  The dad beamed up and talked to them in that loving way that fathers do.  His smile could be heard across the phone and you could tell that his girls missed mom and dad.

It was a great start to a beautiful morning.  I am so blessed to be at the Bellagio and see the spirit of Christmas here.  Sometimes we get so caught up in our own lives that we forget to notice the things around us that matter.  I am blessed to be exactly where i am in life right now and have no regrets.  My friends and family are the best.  Christmas is a time of love and giving...of yourself.  It is the one time it is okay to stop thinking about yourself and thinking about others.  

 Make sure to enjoy this holiday season, where ever you are in your life.  Don't let moments pass you by and get caught up in things that in the long run really wont matter.  Until next time...

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