Making of new friends

So today i went and worked out at 24 hour fitness this morning.  I had a stellar workout and was extremely pumped up.  My best friend Noah got me the coolest headphones ever.  They are noise reducing and they rock.  I use them all the time.  They are over the ear and have amazing sound.

When i finished up my workout, i traipsed over to the starbucks to get my favorite, black coffee for a little after workout buzz.  I also got a classic sausage sandwich whic was very good.  I sat outside and listened to the light traffic buzz by. I also saw the bee's flying through the grass and checking out the area for pollen. It was so beautiful and nice.

I looked down by my feet and saw the cutest little bird, hanging solo, like me.  What saddened me is that one of his claws had been taken by a predator.  He had a club foot.  He looked up at me with the cutest little eyes.  I couldn't help but give hime some of my sandwich.  I know, people are always saying, don't feed the birds because if you do, thousands of them will come and it becomes a nuisance.  I say screw you...i live my life to the fullest and love animals.  

I kept giving him little scraps of bred and he was very appreciative.  I could tell his little belly was getting full.  He puffed up and got comfortable at my feet.  He looked up at me with those thank you very much mister eyes.  it made me feel great.

After he had filled up, he flew out to the grass and sat in the sun enjoying the warm rays on his back.  He looked over at me right before i left and i swear winked at me (probably had something in his but it was a great way to start the day.

See it is the small things in life that make us happy...or should. We forget to take the time to notice the small stuff because we are so overwhelmed with the big stuff.  Remember its all the small stuff that makes the big stuff worth while.  Don't live your life according to what you don't have, but rather all of the small gifts that you have and that you bring to the world.  My new quote, "Be the light".

Until nex time.  Love all of you and hope you have a fantastic New years.
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