Growing up?

So I ran into a friend of mine today at the gym.  We worked together in 2003 and i can say he is a very good friend.  He would always invite me over for dinner or parties at his place.  He was a great host, loves to throw a good party, and loves tequilla.  He was in a serious relationship for 9 years and confided in me at the end that it was over.

A few months later we were working together and he said he wanted to get together with a girlfriend of his that he had known for years.  We were working in LA and got cleaned up after work and got ready for dinner.  We met in a cool little sushi bar about a mile or so from our hotel.  When we all walked in together and sat down, i saw the chemistry between these two.  Dave and Tiff hit it off fantastically.  The conversations never lulled and they were laughing and smiling the whole night.  I knew.  When we got back to the hotel and were getting ready for bed, i told dave "thats the girl you are going to marry.  He shrugged it off, but said you never know.  Later they started dating and in 2005 they moved in together.

In 2007, they set a date for St. Patricks day.  The cool thing is that they asked me to perform the ceremony.  I was delighted to do so and the ceremony was fantastic.  Family and friends all in one place.  The energy couldn't be higher and it is such a blessing to be at such an amazing event.  They had an amazing honeymoon and we have seen each other occasionally when they have me over for dinner.  It is always great to catch up with them and see how they are progressing in their journey.

I ran into Dave the other night at the gym.  He looked great but advised me that he had put on 15 pounds and wanted to get back in shape for the new year and stay that way.  He told me that married life does that to you.  I laughed and told him that if he ever wanted to workout together, just give me a call.  He then proceeded to tell me that his wife was pregnant.

In that instant, i was shocked and reduced to a child who just had the wind taken out of him while playing soccer and being knocked down, but at the same time, I was extremely happy for him.  Dave has always wanted children and to be in a great marriage.  In that instant i realized that I am not getting any younger, but that time is not there for me to get married and settle down.  I realized that I am very blessed to be exactly where i am in my life. 

I congratulated dave and told him to call me when he has some free time.  I left that night and reflected on my life.  I thought for a minute that maybe I should be close to that point, that maybe i need to settle down and start to settle in.  But then the voice of reason said, "Chad, whether or not you realize it, you are exactly where you need to be in life at this moment"  Life won't give you more than you can handle and it also knows exactly what you need according to your desires.  I am focusing on my new company and relationships are secondary to me.  I love life, my friends and my journey...