Do You Know Who You Look Like?

Okay, so here is the deal, these three guys are the three guys i get compared to all the time. It's like 10 minutes after someone meets me, they say "oh my you know who you look like?". I always play dumb and say, "No, who?"

I am told i look like doug savant in 90210 and not desperate housewives. I guess that is good, he was younger in that show. I was on a plane back from Panama and people in first class were asking me for my autograph. I thought to myself, if i really was that guy, would i be back here in coach or up there with you guys. Right after that happened the people next to me woke up from their nap and said, your that guy from desperate housewives aren't you. I had to burst their bubble.

I guess it is cool that i look like them, but does it every occur that maybe those guys look like me. Why is it because they are on TV that I have to look like them. Oh well guess that is how much TV influences our culture. I wish i was on the big screen or on TV but that is not the path i chose.

I guess worse things have happened in the world. At least people don't come up and say, "You know, you look just like hitler" or "you look just like charles manson". I don't think i can relate to any of the people that i look like. I am just me, an easy going, fun loving, friend making, jet setting, kind of person.

So if you see me on the street and you say, "You know who you look like," I am going to reply, "i have no idea". Leaves some mystery and at least a conversation will be started. Hey its a start.
Chad BordesLifeComment