Sometimes...we really don't matter.

This is a letter to BofA. I wrote it to them in frustration and anger. I also realize that they don't care. So what if they have banks on every corner. So what if they have fancy atms that count your cash and read your checks, the bottom line is BofA is missing in the human department. They have gotten so big that they couldn't tell you your name if they tried.


My name is Chad Bordes and i have been a customer with you guys for 4 years. I recently started my own business in august of last year and chose your bank to do business with.

I am not a big depositor, but it adds up. I recently deposited a check through the ATM with your company. I wasn't notified of the hold until two days later. The check in which i deposited, i have done business with numerous times in the past and they are very reputable.

You placed a seven (7) day hold on the funds. I am a cash only business. I do not have tons of business credit to do business with. I pay my vendors with my debit card, as well as buying groceries and putting gas in my car. I completely understand you policy, however, i don't understand that the holds keep getting longer and longer. No hold on the first check, 2 day on the second check, now 7 days.

Unfortunately, because I am a cash only business I cannot afford to be out of cash that long. This letter won't matter and may end up in the junk pile, but it is with sadness that I must close my account with you.

All the fanciest atm machines in the world don't make up for the most needed experience in this world and that is the human experience. I am just a number to you guys. I am just a random company who deposits money, that money is put on hold, interest is accrued over those days for your bank, and I am out $175.00 in NSF charges. That isn't alot to bank of america, but to this small business owner, it is a fee i can't afford ever again.

Thanks for the years of not knowing my name and only calling me when some life insurance product comes out, or some identity theft program is available. That is definately the service that i need in a bank.

Farewell from a guy who just doesn't matter. You may be the biggest, but in my book, for now, never the best. Get back to what made life enjoyable...find people who really care about the people putting money into your establishment, Those who sense a need and fix it.

Chad Bordes
a customer who just wasn't appreciated or remotely recognized.
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