bought a new camera

So i have been reviewing and re reviewing, pricing and re-pricing and finally decided to make the plunge. I have had my eye on the d40 by Nikon for a while now. 50% of the people say go canon and 50% swear by nikon. Both are fantastic cameras, to canon's credit, flesh tones are better with their processor. Nikon has better colors and landscapes. I like the d40 because of its ease of use. Fast set up and easy downloads. I can download all my photos into picasa in just a few minutes, and have them uploaded to picasa web a few minutes after that.

I have installed picture project and it is a tie between picasa and picture project. They both have great features. Picasa has the "I'm feeling lucky" feature for 1st timers and beginners who aren't avid photo takers. Takes the risk out of ruining a picture. Nikon's picture project is almost as simple to use and works very well also. Try both out and see which one you like the best. I fool with both so i can see which one suits my needs the best.

So when you first get the camera, you want to do all this point clicking and shooting. Many times in the absence of having a subject. Forgive me because my cats, random signs and flowers were the subject of my shootings

So after that was done and i had taken about a hundred "dump"shots as i like to call them, i sort through the ones i like and discard after that. I didn't get too many i liked, but i am not complaining, i mean after all it is the first time and first day of owning the camera.

After that, Noah, my best friend in the whole world, came over and we drove to san marcos to go see Rambo, but not before having an amazing dinner at Bruno's. Very good stuff. The movie was a little more violent than i am accustomed too, but it was still good. Lots of action, tons of blood and much revenge.

I think what is important to mention here is that i was able to tell Noah about my trip to Jamaican and the Bahamas. I had some stuff on my chest that i needed to get rid of and, Noah being such a great friend just listened and shared as well. He informed me that his situation was coming to an end as well. He wasn't sad, but i could tell he was bummed. It hurts sometimes finding out that the situation you thought it was, isn't the same situation that the other party thought it was. Excuse my vagueness, but i don't want to give away details.

I was happy to be there for noah and very glad that he lent an ear to me. It helped me to process and understand a little bit better. I sometimes think that we all have great friends that really help us understand through their trials as well. Without family and friends where would we be?

I am love, i am greatness, i am kindness and compassion, I am healthy and loving and i love everyone. Have a great nite.
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