Jamaica----Now i get Bob Marley

I didn't know what to expect coming to Jamaica. I was sure that i was going to get island life service with a smile. What i didn't realize is that i would find one of the strongest connections to the planet in my life on this amazing island. The people here are not rich with worldly posessions, but rather rich with joy and love.

While down here and talking to the locals, i found out that Ziggy Marley, One of the marley boys, has come out with a song that many if not all of the locals can relate to.  It is called "Love is my religion".  The minute i heard the song i knew that I had found something amazing.  I believe it to be my motto.  I choose not to live in fear, in hate, in greed, in jealousy, in animosity, but rather in love.  Love conquers all things and is the most powerful force in the universe.  I am blessed by all that i have in my life, friends, family, business partners and new acquaintances.  
If you haven't been to jamaica, i would recommend it.  Johnny Cash came here and found solitude.  I came here and met some of the most amazing people in the world.  Never before have i felt so loved and appreciated in one location.  The news says that this place has the highest murder rate in the world (Kingston), i say it is filled with love.  The people get caught up in problems just as we do, however, they learn to leave their problems at the gate when they come to work.  They are happy to see you every day and thankful that tourism is alive and well.

My advise to you...come to jamaica.  People here are happy to have you.  There are great restaurants, great people, and a wonderful atmosphere. 
Chad BordesComment