So I am sitting in an airport in Charlotte...

So here i am en route to Montego Bay Jamaica. I am sitting next to the funniest queen in the world.Charles, but everyone knows him as chuck. Been gay his whole life and loves attention. God forbid you walk into a room and steal attention from this will get her in a tissy.

I am on my way to doing two back to backs, after this, i head to the Bahama's for a week and then off for the month of March. The program in San Diego was a success and I can say i am blessed because of the friends i have in this life. This program in Jamaica will be a bit more challenging. The program requires a lot of on site planning, and many hours of hard work. I will be there with a decent staff and that will be enlightening. Although, i am not sure what Chucks role will be...queen of the island perhaps.

Life is great and you have to enjoy every ounce of it. The program i just worked was a dream, fantastic client, great hours and staff is never an after thought. My company is progressing exactly as it should. We are investing a boatload of money into the website to really brand our image. I am excited and nervous. I don't want to lose control of the process or the design. It is important to me to feel like my ideas counted and will progress in a positive way.
I am off to board a plane to Jamaica. 

Until next time...

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