Sleep and Mississippi

Late at night and i can't sleep. It is 11pm and i have a 7:45 flight in the morning to atlanta with a connecting flight gulfport, MS. My friend and I saw "forgetting Sarah Marshall" and i can say it was pretty damn hillarious. It was exactly what i needed to see tonight before leaving for mississippi. There were so many funny things in this movie that i can't even begin to talk about them all. It is good clean, well not really clean..there is full frontal nudity

I haven't really blogged all that much. I have been so busy getting the business up and running that i forgot to take time out to write. I love writing. It is such a great release for me. It is interesting because i had a complete stranger tell me the other day that she learned alot about my emotions and what kind of person i am by reading my blog. It made me feel good that she read it and got something out of it. Some people are too sheltered to let their emotions be known and shut everyone out. I often hear that they could never put their journal on a blog because too many people would read it. In all actuality no one will read it, except the people that matter the most to you, because you get to choose who reads it and then when you get comfortable, you can open it up to more.

I have a friend who i try to help believe in herself, but I can't help her because she doesn't want the help and doesn't believe in herself. It was after conversing with her tonight that i realized that i have to let her go. She is a great person, but i am not the person to help her see that. She is. I have decided to wash my hands of her. I deleted her number and deleted her out of my address book because i don't have time for people that will not make time for me. She is a great person and i hope she realizes that she is worth it. Someday she will realize that she brings all the drama into her own life.

Am i perfect, far from it. My poop smells just like everyone else. I have emotions and feelings, i just show them to a different crowd of people...myself. I used to be overly emotional and cried all the time. I was sad and miserable, and that is not the way we are meant to live. We are supposed to be happy and love life because our time is very limited here. Our mortal souls cannot take in all there is to see, so we must embrace all that we can. I love life and i avoid drama. Some people may say i am not compassionate or emotional, i would just say that i have seen much of what ails people. Its not that i don't have apathy for them, i am just ready to be part of the solution.

I am going to a place where many people lost everything that they worked for. They lost their houses and loved ones. I have been there, but not in the same capacity, so i therefore respect them because of their plight. Life is this amazing race that we have to run through and make the most of while not getting too wrapped up in all the bullshit. We have to take all the crap that was dealt to us and make the gold bricks out of it.

I choose to be where i am in my life.
I choose to attract the people into my life.
I choose not to hang around people that are negative
I choose not to hang around people who have constant negative talk.
I choose to wake up in the morning
I choose to have the best day possible upon waking.

I choose therefore i am
The world is good. I am good
The world is one, and I am one
I am one with the good.

May you have a blessed day and get everything that you need.

Until next time..
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