Getting Refreshed...

So it has been a while since i have written.  So much has happened.  I have been traveling a bunch for work as a td.  I am on the advisory board for a company called  I have been helping check the site and driving TD's to join as well as event planning companies.  What is funny is that I have been preaching that TD's suffer from what they tolerate and that we need a union of sorts or some place we can go to get work, vent, talk about companies and try and get some resolve to unfair labor practices.  Next thing you know i am helping with this company and i love it

I have also been working on my Communications company,  We are comin g along and getting stuff done.  We now have the ability to accept credit cards and are becoming a global company.  We took our first order over the internet and it is awesome to see your dream coming to fruition.  Patience is a virtue and I can tell you that i have never been one for patience.  I have always wanted things in an instant and this time around I decided to stick around for the long haul.

I also made a trip down south to visit my family.  It was so good to catch up and see everyone.  It had been many years since seeing some of my cousins and the refresher was duly needed.  I am going to go back in July for a month to hang out and have fun.  I was able to see My cousin Bill, Kylie, Janet, Shaun, Johnny, Maxie, Ryan, Aunt Suzie, Aunt Sally and Grandma Bordes.  What a blessing.  I am so thankful that i was able to visit them.  I drove from Gulport, MS to New Orleans, LA.  Then from New Orleans to Baton Rouge and spend a few days there.  Then from Baton Rouge to Destin Florida.  All i can say is "Wow".  Cousin Johnny has a great place.  he did such a great job decorating.  The beaches were beautiful...we had fun at night going out and meeting beautiful ladies and got to eat some great food.

Along the way home, I decided to begin re-writing my fathers unfinished novel.  I am about 4 chapters in and have many more to go. Once we get the final touches on it, get i approved for publishing, i will let you all see it.

Everyting is going exactly as it should.  I am blessed and love life more and more every day.  My life used to be crap because that was all i ever believed it could be.  Now it is amazing and somedays i am in awe of how incredibly fantastic it all is.  We make our days what they are.  Thoughts become actions.

I need to get to bed as i am a tired boy.  May you all be blessed and find yourself.  Take care until next time and thank you for reading my blog.