The Reality of life...

Sometimes an event is very profound and it hits really close to home.  Other times you can relate from personal experience.  Most often we are disconnected from everything and realize that an event has happened and we bid our condolences and move on, forgetting the event ever happened.

Just the other day, it was brought home for me.  A very good friend who I have worked with was affected by a tragedy that we all have to face at sometime in our life, but would rather it come in the fall of our years not the summer.  Her boyfriend, age 36, passed of a heart attack without any warning.  Some of you may know her, others may not, the most important thing here is to remember the lesson.  We are here for such a short period of time that we cannot have regrets and we should not live each day without telling those we love, how much they really mean to us.

I often tell people when you are thinking about someone, it is for a reason and you should reach out to them.  Never take your friendships for granted.  Everyone that is in your life is there for a reason.  You may question the reason why you met at the first meeting, but if you really look, you will understand why that person is there.  Every person is a lesson and a friend and every event is never by chance but by reason.

If you have a friend or family member you have been thinking about, give them a call, email them, text them.  Tell them you have been thinking about them and say hello.  You never know how long you have.  Tell the people you care about how much you love them and be thankful for them in your life every day.  If you have been in a family feud or not speaking to a family member or loved one, let it go.  Become more than that, make your peace and move on with a fantastic life.  Be thankful every day for all the things you have in life, and stop regretting the things that you seem to be missing.

To my friends and family who read this, I love you very much and thank you for being a part of my life.

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