Friends to me are like food....

So last night i got a call from one of my most insightful and best friends in the whole world. Erik called me last night at about 10pm my time and we talked for at least an hour. He said he was catching up on my fathers book and was only two chapters behind.

We talked about life, work and love. He told me that he had been working like a dog for a few weeks and tried to take it a bit easy and visit some friends in New York for a week or so. I advised him that I hadn't worked int a while and that could be a good or bad thing.

I shared with him that i was having a hell of a time getting by with my company and the lack of work for the month. I shared with him that the bills were piling up and that I wasn't sure if i would be able to pursue the dream. I was feeling a bit down and disgruntled. He shared with me a story of having a similar situation when he moved to North Carolina. He managed to find 200 dollars and used 100 of it for his gas and folded the other hundred in his pocket. Well one saturday, before he was to leave on sunday for vegas, he had breakfast with all of his friends. One of his friends, for names sake we will call him Bob, said he wouldn't be eating that morning. Through a series of events Bob opened up and started crying. He admitted to the group that he was doing very bad financially, only had 3 dollars to his name and at 40 it was the hardest thing he had ever had to admit. He asked if someone could buy him breakfast and possibly loan him some money. Erik being the most awesome person he is, slipped him his last 100 under the table.

The story really opened my eyes and said that people stress to much about money. I have always been fine when it comes to money. I have always managed to do just fine and somehow or another my bills manage to get paid. I don't live lavishly. I drive a hyundai (that i have a note on), I have 60k in school debt, I own a macbook and have an iphone, i live in a 2 bedroom apartment and all told, I probably spend about 3500 per month on bills,but i still don't consider my life lavish.

I consider my existence moderate at best. I also know it is by choice and the day I choose to be richer than i know what to do with, it will happen. Somehow i got deluded along the way that financial success is for the other guy, not me. The bottom line is financial success is mine if i would just accept it.

As far as my current situation, I am fine now. My best friend Laurel loaned me 75 bones and that seems to have staved off the impending doom. Erik and i continued to talk about love and life. He asked me if i was dating anyone, and i said no one in particular but everyone. I am very open and don't know if true love exists. For now dating will have to do. I love myself and love the way my life flows right now. I am in charge of it all.

Erik is still seeking that connection and I am sure he will find it. He is one hell of a man and more importantly, a great friend.

Erik, if you read this, thank you. I love you and thanks.
Chad BordesComment