connected, its what we really want in life

Never refuse any advance of friendship, for if nine out of ten bring you nothing, one alone may repay you.

Madame de Tencin

You know it occurred to me as i woke up this morning and gave thanks for all the amazing things, people and friends and as i was checking my email and my facebook, myspace, twitter, flutter, bitter, butter and 9000 other sites for new messages, that what I really long for is a connection. A sense of being connected with the world and that my friends love me or still remotely care about me. Sense of being connected and having good friends really matters to me. I would have to say it is top 10 in my book.

Some people need validation by being married or being in a loving relationship. Others validate by how much money is in their bank account. I measure by the friendships that i have and maintain. Sometimes I wonder if people get offended that I only send them a birthday card once a year, or say hi when i see that they have updated their myspace or facebook page. I think there is something in my brain that says, “hey you haven’t spoken to this person in a while” say hey and check in.

I like knowing i am connected and that people care. It is what is missing in our daily lives, the connection and being in the now. We look down all the time and never see the people looking back at us, we fail to give a smile becasue we are afraid or insecure, we fail to offer a compassionate touch because we are afraid of sexual harrasment. We fail to be human because we live in fear and that isn’t life. I live, i love and I do care....
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