missed my flight...

Time invested in improving ourselves cuts down on time wasted in disapproving of others.

Author Unknown

In my 22 years of traveling, I can say this is a first for me. I had two things against me. The first is that I thought the flight was at 6:45 do to the flyout curfew at San Diego of 6:30. And the second is, well, I was just too damn tired and must have hit snooze on the phone.

Sometimes it happens and sometimes you are ill prepared. I didn’t expect to wake up late and normally on travel days I am up before the alarm goes off, however on this day, i fell asleep hard at 1 am. I had just come home from a program in Irvine and after getting my laundry done, watching some TV, visiting with a friend and having dinner, I was wiped out.

I also think that subconsciously, i was ill prepped for this trip. Mentally I think i thought it didn’t matter since i have been in a funk lately. My attitude had dropped up to this point, but i decided that it is a choice to be happy. I am so blessed to have work right now and i have to keep my attitude refreshed and invigorated. I have decided to treat my business as a business and stop doing things the way I have always done them. I have also committed to saving 20% of what i make, regardless of my bills. I am 37 and need to grow up a bit. Most people are 1/2 way to retirement, I am at the other end of the spectrum and have no savings, no health plan and no 401K. I have no ability to get myself out of any ruts should they happen. I also gave my last 20 bucks to a guy at the gas station yesterday who bought a car with cash and forgot to hold some back for gas. That is just the kind of person i am, I don’t question your motive, if you tell me something, i believe you. I have faith that people are good and until they prove me differently, it is my belief that man is inherently good.

I would love to find a mentor, someone older in their 40s or 50’s that could show me everything about growing my business. Ups, downs and things in between. I am going to surround myself with people that have had a dream and made it come to fruition. I need to accept the fact that i am not perfect and can always strive to improve on my beliefs.

As for now, I will sit in the airport and see where the day takes me. I will meet the people that the universe deems that I need to meet and I will believe that everything that happens is for the greater good of me :)
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