finishing my dad's book

He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it. ~Clarence Budington Kelland

So this has been an enormous task. I have finished a book that my father wrote some 18 years ago. It is his memoirs and the first time i read it, i didn’t get all. I guess i looked at it from the perspective of knowing everything. I felt like i knew more than him. I was after all 19 when he started to write it and we as young men feel like we know it all at that age.

I never really payed attention to it after that and remember coming upon it after he passed. It sat in storage for a while, then my mom had it by her bedside. As time passed and I got older, i realized that i had to do something with it. I realized that I don’t know everything and that I hope to be able to learn from him, about him.

There are so many questions I wish i could ask him. That is the problem with life, you don’t get opportunities to ask when someone passes away. I tend to be a strong follower of the thought that you should not live in fear and any questions, concerns or actions, should be done now...not later...not when you get the courage, not when you look better, not when the timing is right...but now. Life doesn’t wait for the opportune time and that is why you have to make that moment.

Until next time...

PS. it is kind of ironic that i am finishing on his birthday of all days, well day before his birthday to be precise
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