Staying fit on the road

To get rich never risk your health. For it is the truth that health is the wealth of wealth.

Richard Baker

So my friend Alison over at INTD asked me to write something about staying fit while on the road during the holiday season. I said sure and as I thought about it, I came to the conclusion, that holiday eating is just the start of our problems. I think holiday eating allows for us to set resolutions so that we can start an exercise routine at the beginning of the year, only to have that resolution go to pot by March of the next year. I am guilty of this resolution process, however, a few years back I got into a program that I find tends to work for everyone who gets involved.

The program that I used was called body for life and trust me it works. The year was 2000 and I was fed up with being on the road and not working out, drinking to excess (I think I am the only travel director that drank on the road), and eating poorly and when I say poorly, I mean it was infrequently and unhealthy. I was about 30 % body fat and completely lethargic. I wanted more energy and to look and feel better. Because of this program I know believe you have to get in what you fit in.

Something to remember about working out and eating is that what you consume makes up 50% of your results. The foods we put in are what give us the energy to go through out the day. We tend to snack on stuff all day and while that is great, it is the quantity of snacks and the type of snacks that we eat.

If we have a staff office there is always the usual, chips, cookies and soda’s. See if you can have the hotel bring you stuff that is healthier than that such as veggies, fruit and waters. Vitamin waters are good, however, more and more studies are showing that we are overdosing on this water and what the body doesn’t use, it will remove as waste. Another problem with the vitamin waters is that they have tons of sugars which are not great for you. Try drinking some regular water or mineral water and add a slice of lime or lemon for flavor. Believe it or not the more water you consume ,(the more you pee…that is a good thing), the less you will want to eat. The mechanism in the brain that tells us we are hungry is located right next to the mechanism that tells us we are thirsty. Sometimes the signal for thirst is confused as hunger and often times if you drink water on a regular basis, you will see that you are not as hungry.
Eating on a frequent basis is very important. You should be eating no less than three meals a day. Studies have shown that your body is more metabolically active when you eat more, not less. I recommend at least 5 meals a day. Breakfast lunch and dinner and a snack between breakfast and lunch as well as a snack between lunch and dinner. Body for Life recommends 6 meals a day, that is sometimes to much in a day. Start with 5 and see how you feel. Eating is very important and provides fuel for the body and the brain throughout the day. Don’t neglect the body or the brain ϑ

Now that the eating part has been established, how does one workout on the road. I am going to get the traditional blowback that we as td’s don’t always have the time. I tell you that you just made an excuse and it is one that we like to use in justifying not working out. I can take anyone’s schedule and find a break where you can fit in a 30 minute workout, a 15 minute walk or a 10 minute power workout. Time is an excuse that justifies our not working out, so start by getting rid of excuses.

With the holiday season around the corner it is going to be a time of festivities and family, eating and consuming much alcohol as well as lack of activity. I would challenge you to start by working on your eating habits right now, not wait until after the new year. Trust me, if you can set a solid foundation right before the holidays, you will be able to tackle the rest of the year. The most important concept in this whole equation is consistency. Consistency= results. The more consistent you are, the better the results, the better you feel overall.

You have to find time in each day to work out and not let the “excuse monster” get into your head. I don’t like to put generic things out there regarding exercise or diet because, I like to find out peoples work life schedule and what their diet regime has been. You can make this the most successful year of your life if you want to. What better time that right now to make the most important decision in your life. Take charge of your health and make the step into the new you.

I will gladly give workout suggestions if you want to email me. My address is I was a personal trainer for four years and helped numerous people make lifestyle changes that allow them to prosper both mentally and physically
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