Movie Review: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

5 out of 5 stars

We are blessed with breath, we are blessed with sight, we are blessed with love, all of these are choices...

So a year ago in approximately January 5th, a friend of mine, Chelsea Main, saved my life. I was at my wits end. I was penniless, I had just received a DUI, my girlfriend of 5 years and I had broken up and I was mentally done with life. If someone would have given me a painless way out, I would have taken it. I remember looking up suicide methods on the internet and was looking at all options. I really felt so hopeless and that time is so vivid in my life that i can taste and feel it as i write this now. I know there are others out there in this kind of hurt, if so please get ahold of me. I can help...

I remember sitting at my computer and my friend sent me a link to the secret. This is the email she sent on the 6th.

Go to this website:

Pay $4.95 and watch this movie, you won't regret it. If you do, I'll send you $4.95.

Love, Chelsea

I thought to myself, what is this...another stupid pet tricks video, or another “secret” to making money. What i witnessed the next day that i decided to watch this movie changed my life forever. I can tell you I sat crying and watched it over and over again. It all made sense to me... I pulled myself out of that pit and began to take control of my life once and for all.

I digress. The reason I am writing this blog is because this is another moment in my life that made me say “Holy Shit”. The movie above is a phenomenal movie about the editor of Elle magazine. His name, Jean Dominique Bauby. I can’t give you any of the movie, because I want you to go out and rent it, buy it, download it, or watch it on Tivo or TV on demand. My friend Laurel recommended a few months ago that i watch this movie, but i wasn’t able to find the time and watch it. I had some down time after my trip back from Lana’i last night and decided to check it out.

I can tell you that I have no clue how I am feeling. I have emotions running through my head that I haven’t felt in a while. I can tell you I am extremely thankful for my life, my friends, and my family. I am thankful for Chelsea, who despite being crazy herself (Love you chelsea), managed to find sanity in an insane time and emailed that sanity to me. I am also thankful for Laurel who is a constant sounding board and a fantastic friend. Without her constant love and rationale, I would be out of my mind.

We are all in this journey together and despite the fact that society tells us that second place is 1st place loser, the truth is if we don’t finish together, we haven’t really finished.
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