historic day in history????

Okay so the big news is this.  Guy Ritchie and Madonna split.  Neither of them were at the courthouse in order to plea their case, because there was no case.  Guy did not want any of her money, he apparently has enough of his own.  The reason for the breakup...business.  She was too busy, as was he.  Just another casualty in the hollywood couple drama.

These coming weeks will be  the true test of our economy.  With the recession kicking everyones ass, money will not be given as freely as it has in christmas' past.  We will see what the outcome is directly after thanksgiving.

I on the other hand am contrary to the economy.  I am spending money in order to make it.  I decided today to take a random trip to san francisco and see friends and hang out.  No apparent reason, just decided to do it.  I really think what needs to happen is that people need to stop watching the news and spend money as they have always been doing.  The media does a great job of letting everyone know that we are in a recession and that you should be weary of investments.

I have no investments, no retirement, very meager savings and have a great life.  I live like there is no tomorrow and truthfully there may not be.  We scurry around our lives and hide our cheese in hopes that we will accomplish something with our money and leave it to our kids.  I say live your life and keep doing what your doing.  your kids will be fine.

May you be blessed this holiday season and learn to live, not in fear but in love and trust that the universe has your best interest at heart.

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