Negative people...

So can I state for the record that sometimes why this job is hard is the company you have to keep. I respect everybody and their opinions, its just that sometimes its overwhelming. My cousin has the best quote for people of this persuasion called “emotional vampires”. I love that term because they seem to take positive people and fill them with negative energy.

The only way to avoid it is to distance yourself from them and keep your emotions and high’s in check. A perfect example of this is when you get on the road and your sitting in an office with the td that “hates vegas”. You know the one. Older, been around the block one too many times. Hates everyone, sees negativity in everyone. Doesn’t trust anyone. Feels everyone is a liar or bad. Never has a nice thing to say about anyone.

I am here to tell you when you get around these people, make your way to the nearest exit, run, do not walk. They can ruin your day in 1.2 seconds and love it when you conspire in their misery. They can see no good in the world because they are too stubborn to take off their grey glasses that they put on and see things more clearly.

Sometimes its hard because you try to bring your light to the world, but the world snuffs you out. The people you are involved with don’t see things the way you do. That is okay and it is their choice, don’t let it be yours. My advice is this, when surrounded by these negative mongrels (some of them may have the gumption to call themselves realists, that my friend they are not, their cup has been half empty the majority of their life) is to distance yourself and try to manage by yourself. Don’t ask them for help, don’t offer them help and don’t go out to dinner or group functions with them.

Find your happy place and move on. These people have no desire to be better and as the saying goes, “misery loves company”. They are not happy unless you are miserable. Even the lone individual in the world who is bombarded by all these negative people sometimes loses their light. If you want to take it into a religious context, Jesus probably suffered the same fate. He could have been the most positive guy ever, but people didn’t want to hear it.

I have to distance myself from these kinds of people. I love and respect em, but I refuse to let them bring me down. I live in love, not in fear.

Are you a negative nancy? Have you adopted the negative ways of the world and made them your own? Do you see no joy in the world? Is everyone out to get you? If so, re evaluate your life. Don’t be the blind mouse. Live in love.
Chad BordesComment