Sometimes on bad days i just go for a run

Sometimes on bad days, i go for a run and just the scenery can make everything okay.

Chad Bordes

So last night i got done with my meeting rooms at about 5:30. I took some really cool pictures of the sunset. I had a little issue with my foot and was kind of scared to run due to nerve damage but said what the hell. Thank god i did because it was one of the most magnificent nights in my history.

So as i started my run, the moon was out in full force and as i looked to my back, i had to stop for a moment and take it all in. There behind me was the most magnificent post sunset sky ever. I have never seen such reds, oranges and yellows fading into the blue. It really took my breath away. I was going to try and capture it with my iPhone, but unfortunately it wouldn’t have done the experience justice.

I started to run and the moon was kind and cast its light down on my as i got lost running the golf course path for over an hour. I love getting lost. I never get scared and often like to get in my car and try and do the same. Every day of my life is an adventure and i look forward to every moment of it. I don’t live in fear, i live in love. I don’t judge people based on color, creed, sexual orientation or likes/dislikes. I accept everyone and my motto is love and be loved

So my run took me throughout the golf course and got me lost and i was so happy. It was so free being able to run and breathe and see everything. I ran by some beautiful casita style homes. i saw a coyote run across the path. Several jackrabbits were feasting on greens in the moonlight.

After my run, i jotted back to my casita and took a quick shower to freshen up. I was going to go into scottsdale to get some food and to get off property. I ended up going into carefree and ate at this most exquisite french. The hospitality was fantastic and the food was phenomenal.
All in all, i would have to say it was a fantastic night. Life is good when you tap into the good. If you stay in the bad, it continues to get bad.

Wishing you all a great night/day wherever you are.
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