The airline of the decade....

If you haven't flown them, what are you waiting for? They are in a class apart from any other airline I have ever flown. I had the opportunity this past week to fly them to San Francisco, the home base operations of Virgin Atlantic. Even though the flight was only 1 hour and 10 minutes long, the service and atmosphere is unparalleled.

While other carriers are scrambling to save costs, delete routes and kill tons of overhead, Virgin America is re-inventing the way we travel. From the minute you step on to the plane, you will notice a difference in the smiles of the crew members, the young fresh approach to explaining the safety features of the airbus 319 or 320 (that is the only aircraft they fly), and the innovative interactive, behind the seat touch screen display. With this interactive device you can watch movies, listen to the latest and greatest music, listen to live radio, chat with other hotties on the plane or purchase some really cool Virgin schwag.

The flight I was on last night debuted wireless above 10,000 feet, for free. What other airline does this domestically? None that I know of. This means for the young execs like myself that need to get some extra emails done, send off some request for proposals and other work, we will be able to do it on the airline of the future. Virgin found out what really matters and offered it on their flights. Although their route structure is infantile, that will soon change and before long, you will be able to connect on their most amazing planes with friendly staff in a digital world in no time. What was more interesting to me is the cost of flights to the bay area. My flight in total cost me $113.00 round trip (at original time of booking which was last thursday night) and because i waited an extra 4 hours to make up my mind, the fare went to ($209 round trip). I had the option to try their first class (last minute upgrade deal for $50 bones) and decided to take advantage of it.

At this time, i can honestly say that virgin is my favorite airline, (sorry delta) and if you have a need to travel somewhere, make sure you check out their routes to see if they fly where you need to go. I promise you its like nothing you have experienced and you will love the perks