Christmas lost its luster?

Who knows. I do know that i miss the days of waking up to the smells of the great food in the kitchen while dad blared Bing Crosby's "White Christmas". I remember seeing his face as he poured me that first cup of coffee asking if I wanted cream and sugar.

Family is what is really missed this year. We all grow up, we have children of our our (some of us do), and we do our own family Christmas. I can say with mass certainty that I miss being in the south and being around family, the great food, watching the kids open their presents and the Christmas day football game amongst uncles and nephews.

This year i look forward to getting a meal at denny's, having a cup of coffee and being thankful for my health. Those of you that still have lots of family, enjoy every minute of it, its not often enough that we get to give thanks, regardless of how crazy our families are. The flip side is one day soon, you too can enjoy Denny's christmas dinner with me
Chad BordesComment