The life of a legend

Today I helped a very good friend Emily deal with a memorial service for her sisters husband. She asked me if i could be there at 8:30 and I agreed whole wholehearted. As I arrived, I was greeted with an exceptional hug. Emily's hugs are magnificent and get to your core, well at least for me they do. She thanked me so much for being there, and I told her no problem. I am very thankful that they allowed me to be there for the family on this, not so great of a day.

As the family and friends of Dave started to roll in, the family greeted me as if I was one of their own. They showed nothing but love and appreciation. I really felt honored, blessed to be there and for me it was nothing more than giving up my time in order to be there for the family. If they needed anything, i was there. I was an extension of their arm should they need anything.

The service, which was magnificent, was an hour and a half and very tasteful. There were a lot of tributes to Dave and stories of why he was such a great man. How he gave his time, his life and his love to family and the game of baseball. The weather was perfect and we had seats for 290 and about 350 people showed up. As i listened to everyone speak about dave and seeing the surreal setting, i thought to myself, i really want to go out that way myself. I want to have hundreds of people there, laughing, smiling and remembering me. I don't want sadness when i am gone, but love and remembrance of how i helped people become better and feel better about themselves.

As i looked into the picture they had of Dave and his beautiful daughter, Dakota...i wept. I thought of how much he loved his daughter, his wife, and his friends. I thought to myself, I know i would make a great father, just as Dave was. I envisioned marriage and the prospect of a beautiful child and creating the life i have always wanted. Life is what you make it and Dave lived his exactly as he wanted to. He created the life that he wanted and loved.

I was offered an opportunity to be there for a family and I took that opportunity. I could have played the "I'm busy" card because I wanted to sleep in, but being selfish is what kills the journey and closes us off to new experiences. I am sorry for the circumstance, but because of it, i was introduced to the most amazing family. I am honored to have met 4 amazingly beautiful, funny, smart and caring women. I was also blessed by meeting their father. He is very even keel and friendly and compassionate. I hope that I can be just like the family I had the opportunity to meet.

I extend my love and gratitude to them in any way. Should they ever need anything, I am there for them, because that is what friends do. They adopted me into their family and I am blessed. Thank you

Until next time...
Chad BordesComment