All in a day

So today was adventurous. I met my friend Cheyenne for coffee at starbucks. I helped her set up Picassa 3 onto her laptop. She was having issues with getting photos onto her laptop and then finding them later. I told her how easy picasa was and she loves it. Truth will be in time as she uses it. Cheyenne also needed a little pep talk, and i am always good for that.

At noon, i went to a friends house and tried to get her set up wirelessly, but unfortunately, thanks to the marvels of Time Warner cable, you cannot run a wireless router, unless its purchased from Time Warner. After tirelessly trying for an hour, we decided it wasnt worth it. I offered to fix her bike since she had a crash incident a few weeks earlier. I tuned up her bike and then decided to go on a ride.

I left the house at about 3:45 and decided to do a quick ride up the coast. I just wanted to bang out 20 miles and that is exactly what i did. The weather was perfect and the temperature was fantastic. My butt still hurt from the day prior but it was worth it. I got to watch a beautiful sunset, see some beautiful babies in jogging strollers on the boardwalk, felt the amazing pacific air on my skin and all is right in the world.

I am finishing the night on a humor note by watching 2 and 1/2 men. Its all in a day for the life of a 30 something bachelor...
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