My bikes over the years

My first bike i recieved for Christmas in 1984/85 was the Fuji Sagres

Great bike. I rode that damn thing till the tires went bald.
This is a picture, not mine but what it looked like...

thanks to emptychair on flikr...its his bike, but i am using the pic to show the colors that i remember so vividly

After that i didn't ride for a long time. My friend dan got me back into cycling on an old bianchi that he had. I rode my first half century on that bike From there i migrated, after he moved to colorado, to my touring series III. It made it to colorado with me, but i ended up dis assembling it and leaving it in my friends storage. I put lots of miles on it and people used to laugh at me trying to train on it seriously.

The next bike was a fuji touring series III that i bought for 150 bones in Florida. Although it didn't look like this. It was stripped down to a bare bones road bike

After colorado, it was borrowed bikes. I borrowed a bike for about a year and rode the heck out of it. it was a heavy bike, but i was happy to be on one again. I was then donated a giant road bike that my ex fiance and i shared. By that time i had the road bike bug and decided to buy my own.

I got this

I put 3000 miles on it and sold it in florida for 700 bucks. I only paid 900 so you could say i didn't really lose anything. I was sad to see her go and so was my ex. It was my only source of sanity but we needed rent money.

After moving back to san diego and being bikeless for a year, My ex bought me my first carbon fiber bike. What a steal it was. We got it for 1279 no tax out the door and for full ultegra 10 speed, it was a steal.

In the summer of 07 I sold it again for 800 because i needed the money and hadn't worked for few months. I had a friend from New York coming out and knew that I would have to buy the occasional dinner. I sold it and was sad and haven't ridden, except for my fixie since then. As you can see it is a Dave Scott Centurion. I get lots of compliments on it. My friend robert gave it to my friend noah to ride and when noah stopped riding it, i rode it and put lots of miles on it. It badly needed new wheels and an overhaul. When i found noah a Centurion that fit his height, he gave me this one back. I decided to turn it into a fixie flip flop with some open pro wheels and surly hubs.It rides great and i love it.

I also have this little number that was going to be thrown away. It is a Trek Mountain track that was trashed. I pulled all the gears and made it a single speed. It is a fun commuter and basically a little junker that i can ride almost anywhere. I put a raleigh crank set on it from an SC-7 and it works like a charm

The latest and greatest ride for me is the Fuji Team RC. I love it. It is such a phenominal ride...comfortable and fast.

You could say i am a bit of a bicycle junkie. I love old and new bikes and appreciate how far they have come. I think more than that though is I have found a passion for lifelong exercise. Some people find it in running, or rowing or even hiking. I love those things, however, my passion started the day i went down stairs when i was living in Jourdan River Shores and saw My brand new Fuji Sagres sitting there. I rode with passion then, and i will ride with passion til the day i pass. Cycling is my passion.
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