My thoughts and love go out to Mr. Jobs

So I read in the paper today that Steve is going to be stepping down from Apple for a while to deal with his health issues. He is a pancreatic survivor and will be taking a leave until June. I commend him for taking time to deal with his health. It seems that so often we forget about ourselves and muscle forward to achieve the goal of many. Sometimes we have to consider the few, meaning ourselves. If we don't put our own health and well being first, we have no one else that will do it for us. We have to remember to keep ourselves number 1.

I was in several relationships where I didn't make myself number. I gained lots of weight. I also had to start taking anti-depressants and i also started drinking more regularly. I made exceptions and i suffered. After I took responsibility for my life, i found balance. I don't beat myself up if i eat bad once a month. I don't get frazzled if i eat bread pudding. I find time to workout and make time for me and in the long run it works

So Mr. Jobs and family. I wish you well in your recovery or whatever you are dealing with. I send my love to your family and feel that you will have speedy recovery. I am sure my sentiments are felt throughout. You are an amazing leader and a gifted man and look foward to seeing you back at apple in June.

Chad BordesComment