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Todays entry will be brief, but i realized today that I cannot be without bicycle. I love riding and not being able to get on a bike and work out my frustrations, leaves me mildly incomplete. It is a rush and a breath that can be obtained nowhere else. My bike is beautiful and i love it. I connect with it and without a complaint, it takes me 20, 50, maybe even 100 miles to a place that i have seen but a handful of times.

I did visit a great coffee shop today
2 spoons Coffee Company
3829 Plaza Drive
Oceanside, CA 92056
(760) 724-1220

I met Derek Caputi, the owner and the day before I had to pleasure of being served by the beautiful Becca. The coffe is fantastic and the atmosphere is very cozy. Free Wi-Fi and right next to performance bike. If you are in San Diego, Drive up to 2 Spoons. Not all coffee is created equal and 2 Spoons has a great cup of Joe. Also, all you cyclists that keep up with my blog, remember to check this place out. Could be a good place to grab a cup of joe while grabbing some great gear at performance for your bike.

I did go on a 25 mile ride today and it was just like i had never left the bike. Wonderful ride, even though my ass hurts (stiff saddles will do that to you). You have to give your self a few days to get calloused. Once that happens, its smooth sailing. Many people make the mistake of getting a real cushy seat...bad idea. Chaffing is the culprit here. go for a stiffer seat and that way your energy is transferred to the pedals, not the seat.

If you ever want to ride, you know how to reach me.

May you have a blessed evening.

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