10 things to recession proof your life...

I was driving home the other day and i was remembering what someone said on the air. I think he was a financial specialist. He was taking calls and people were saying they were not buying into the recession. Many who read this blog will say, that isn't possible, but it is. Every where we turn, we are hearing of downsizings and closings. Companies are laying off at enormous rates and people just aren't spending. I started thinking about it and here are 10 things i can suggest to recession proof yourself

1. Stop reading the paper and watching the news. There is (so far) nothing good to be gained by that. All you will find on there are statistics of who is laying off, how bad the economy is and other things to worry about. By eliminating the middle man, you can live in peace. Many of you will say, i have to know the news, there is no way i can go without it. I say do you truly need it or are you looking for a gossip outlet. This way you can get to work and crowd the water cooler or coffee lounge and say, "did you hear xyz is laying off another 2000 people" Truly what good does that do?

2. Surround yourself with people who are optimistic and upbeat. Most of them don't read the paper and if they do, they are able to stave off the effects of the current economy.

3. Don't blame anyone for this current situation. We are all responsible for where we sit right now. We didn't put enough scrutiny on the deals that were being done. People were buying houses with dollar signs in their eyes about how they could flip the house in 6 months. When the market went soft, there was no one to buy those houses, the owners couldn't afford the note after interest came due..yada yada. You know the story. Its time to move past that. lesson learned...don't loan money to people with bad credit or minimal income.

4. Do positive things for yourself everyday. Try working out, try eating less. Visit with a friend you haven't seen in a long time. Take time to make someone smile, it doesn't cost anything and it sure doesn't hurt

5. Live within your means. If you don't need all the fancy stuff and glitz and glamor, come back to reality. Question what you need vs what you want. There is a big difference

6. Can't find a job, go back to school and become a nurse. There is a shortage and many reports estimate that by 2012 we will have a need for 100,000 more nurses.

7. Be thankful every day for what you have. Wake up with an attitude of gratitude. Dont fret about the money you don't have or the bills that are do, look at all the wonderful amazing things that have been right under your nose and you have never seen.

8. This too shall pass. Keep this as a mentality. How often do we get stuck thinking that our current situation will last forever. Bottom line is it doesn't. Everyone is always okay and just has "temporary moments of insanity" where they think life is going to crumble around them. I bet if you really looked at all your difficult situations, you have always come out ahead.

9. Don't be afraid to buy things you need. If you need groceries, don't say we are cutting down on what we consume, rather cut out the unnecessary, if you go to the movies 2 times a week cut down to 1 or none, or try netflix. If you go out to lavish dinners, try cutting back and cooking in.

10. Love yourself above all else. If you don't, no one else will. It is up to you to treat yourself well and trust me, you deserve it.

Try to maintain balance and avoid the doom and gloom outlook on things. Everything will be alright and just try and prioritize on what is important in your life. Don't try to kill yourself by making more money, just know that the universe finds favor in all that you do.

Keep it simple genius (i don't like saying stupid because no one really is stupid)

Chad Bordes2 Comments