Breakfast at Richard Walkers

Decided to have breakfast at the above mentioned location. If you haven't been there, it is in San Diego and offers exceptional value for the dollar. I saw it walking downtown and decided to stop in and try something different ( a motto i recommend to all my friends). I was seated right away and got my own table outside and in a nice temperature of about 62 degrees.

I was greeted right away by the server and he got me started with a piping hot cup of coffee (by the way, if you don't know it, you are on notice...I LOVE COFFEE). I ordered a cheese, bacon and tomato omlet, light on the bacon. I also got a glass of fresh orange juice. I realize now that this breakfast can be split by two people, one person could not possibly eat all this food in one sitting.

My review:

Service: top notch, friendly staff and very attentive to their tables

Entree: Bacon, tomato and 2 cheese omlette (cheddar and swiss). Exceptionally prepared, light and fluffy with an interesting texture. Extremely tasty with cheese and bacon in every bite.

Coffee: Very good, rather mild with no bitter aftertaste and almost bottomless. Server made a strong point to refill my cup all the time, since i drink my coffee black, it doesn't disturb the balance :-)

Toast: Very delicious. Actually had substance. I could taste the grains in every bite, not like generic wheat toast. Hearty bread that nourishes the body...good stuff

Surprise: 3 golden brown butter pancakes. Perfectly prepared, deliciously prepared and with a smidge of butter and syrup, were delicious with every bite.

Price: $$ out of $$$$$

Overall Rating: **** out of ******

I would highly recommend this place when you are in san Diego. It is located on 520 Front street in San Diego Telephone: 619-231-7777


Hope you are having a blessed day and I look forward to my next meal!