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Make your own ringtones.

OK I have confirmed with I Tunes it is possible to make a ringtone with ITunes only. The problem is the bits and pieces on how to do it is scattered on the web or posts so after hours of multiple forum research and since I beleive buying a song once is enough I will take the time to explain how I did this.

First, find the song you want in your I tunes library.

Secondly, format the file to ACC “AND MAKE SURE” when you set the time interval it is no longer than 30 seconds. If 30 seconds is too long, cut it down to 29. You can also use 15 seconds or 10, there is no limit to the lower end, just can't go over 30 seconds. if you need instructions on how to make it 30 seconds or less, and formatting it look here

once you have your clip as an m4a file change the extension to m4r, and import it to your ringtones and simply sync.( easiest way to do this is to delete the AAC file in your music library that you converted, and once it is deleted, double click the m4r file and it will automatically add into ringtones)

Another thing I did as someone suggested was shorten the song name “Not the file name” remember Itunes displays the name of the song from the “Get Info Tab” when you right click on a song. I called mine BBS for a short and easy name and it worked I maybe able to use longer names but I have not yet confirmed.

try this sorry if I am short of my explanation but as of Itunes it is indeed possible to make ringtones so do not despair but the 29 second length seems of importance also and if you notice when you download working ringers from sites they are set at 29 seconds.
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