In these times of hurt and challenge...

I just got a message from a long time friend whom I have known since the seventh grade. She has had trouble sleeping and is stressed in her current situation. She and her husband were both layed off. This has to be tough considering they have children. I imagine this is something that is plaguing all of america at this time. I am reminded of a song by

"A Fine Frenzy"

Hope for the hopeless...
Stitch in your knitted brow
and you don't know how you're gonna get it out crushed under heavy chest trying to catch your breath but it always beats you by a step, all right now making the best of it playing the hand you get you're not alone in this there's hope for the hopeless there's hope for the hopeless there's hope cold in a summer breeze yeah, you're shivering on your bended knee still, when you're heart is sore and the heavens pour like a willow bending with the storm, you'll make it running against the wind playing the cards you get something is bound to give there's hope for the hopeless there's hope for the hopeless there's hope there's hope there's hope there's hope
check out the song here:

Now is the time when we need to rely on the love of family and friends. We need to put aside our animosity and hatred. We need to reach out in a time of need, we need to be that shoulder that someone can lean on. Do things that are of great communal value. If you have a little extra money, a pot luck dinner is never a bad idea. Invite your neighbors over, even if you have never met them. If you are at starbucks buying a cup of coffee, do something and buy the person behind you a cup or pay for their order. When walking somewhere and you see a person asking for money, go into a grocery store and buy them some food or stop at a subway and buy them lunch/dinner.

We live in a society where things are tough right now, but the human spirit will prevail. I am blessed with love and generosity and can always afford to be generous. We may not have seen anything like this in our lifetimes, but we will come out of this stronger. The human spirit is stronger than any economy. We are people of love and light and when push comes to shove, we will let that light shine.
I ask you to put aside your differences. Forgive that family member that may have hurt you many years ago. Grab their hand and agree to walk forward with them together. Do the same with any so called friends that may have hurt you. Together we stand and forward we march.

Money will never be the measure of a man. Love and the generosity we spare will be the true measure of our success, not the size of your house or your wallets.
Surround yourself with those of like minds. Do not buy into this recessionary economy. Stop watching the news and cautiously watching your stocks and 401K's dwindle to low levels. Live your life as if today is the last one ever. That doesn't mean go out and spend what you don't have on things you don't need. It means be frugal in your choices and buy what is necessary. Spend some time with your wife/husband and children. Go spend some time with relatives, a girlfriend/boyfriend who lifts you up. Refuse to give energy to the facets of this economy that make you unhappy.

To my friend, this too shall pass. Focus on your family and give them love. Don't let stress keep you from sleeping. Sleep peaceful knowing that your children will always love you. Your husband loves you and you are loved by me :-). Do you fit in???? Always, it is your mind that tells you differently. You are such an amazing person and have such a huge heart...You are a shining example of what makes this world amazing. We all hit ruts, and hopefully it is our friends and family that grab you buy the hand and pull your up, dust you off and tell you how amazing you are. I love you as a person and I am always here for you. Keep your hope and faith alive. You are going to be okay.