More tidbit stuff to make the journey smooth....

How many times have you needed to send a fax when you are on the road? How many times have you just needed to send a document without being charged hotel fees or 9.99 per month through one of the faxing services out there?

Well here is your answer.

This is a great company that lets you send up to 2-3 page faxes per day to the US and canada. They send you a handy message to let you know that the fax has successfully or unsuccessfully been sent.

I know this is a blessing because most of the faxing I ever need to do is normally never more than 3 pages and only one or two a week if that.

go to Input your name, email and a return fax if you have one voila... Nothing to sign up for, no contracts and no commitments.

Have a blessed day. :-)