Its my fault. I think it is my state of mind. I convinced myself that it would be okay to have a few glasses of champagne last night. Wrong. I stopped drinking not necessarily because i have a problem, but because my system doesn't process alcohol efficiently and in the process of removing it from my system, there are negative ions that surround my being that i can't shake.

Today, everything was a struggle. Problems left and right, responding to things rather than getting em done. I felt behind the 8 ball all day. Emotions were off the chart negative. I am once again reminded why i don't drink. The negative factor is too great for me to work around. I need a clear head to be able to logically look at my problems and alcohol takes that distinction away from me.

I know tomorrow will be better and the day after that even better, its just hard when you are in it. It is hard to pull yourself out of the funk and move on...move past.

I will nap now and regroup. Hopefull i will feel better after my nap and my workout.

Thanks for reading...
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