The most successful people are those who encourage and enable others to succeed....

I just read this on one of my daily motivators and thought about how it applies to my life. I don't have much to give and many of you that know me on a personal level know that I live for right now. I don't like fretting about the future, I dislike worrying about the past. I don't have much material substance to give back, but the one thing i do feel i can give is my ability to believe in people.

I remember growing up that I never felt as if anyone really truly believed in me. My efforts were half hearted and just to go through the motion. As I have grown, I now share the belief that, anyone can do anything they set their mind to. I always want to be known as a source of inspiration to my friends. Our limiting beliefs are our only source of doubt and keep us from not accomplishing the things we really see as important.

I am not able to give lots of money to charities or donate tons of time to a particular cause, but one that I am fond of is you! Because I lived such a limiting lifestyle, i felt i could never amount to much. I have learned that is my greatest fault...believing that I can't do something. When I talk to my friends, I always try to fill them with hope, love and encouragement. We live in such a media driven society that we are all feeling the effects of the economy. The "funk" as i call it has permeated our inner core and the truth of the matter is that we are allowing the media to become our source of inspiration. We need to look elsewhere to place like my blog,, or any place that offers up inspiration and hope.

I encourage others because I believe it is our best investment. If we are not investing in ourselves, who or what are we investing in? I write this blog to inspire and share my life with you and to let people know it is okay to be heard. I write this blog for my father, the amazing man he was who was never able to be heard and had to live his life in his shell. I write this blog for my mom, who is to scared to put herself out there and a victim of the old school mentality. I write this blog for my grandfather Bordes, who was an amazing man that provided for his family but whose story was never told. I write this blog for my grandfather Reuben Sjoblom, who felt it not necessary to deal with feelings. I write this blog for you, to let you know it is okay to feel and to express and to show and be loved.

I encourage you to write a blog, create a website, write that book about your life that you think no one will read because it is just like everyone else's story. You are amazing and have so much to offer this world of ours. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read mine.

Until next time...