the generosity of friends...

Well as many of you know, i recently had to move from Carlsbad. It was a challenge to say the least. I wasn't looking forward to it and really had no idea what lay in store for me. I decided to put my best foot forward and just accepted things as they were. I would put out to the universe that i needed a place to live. My friend Noah asked his dad if there was any room in either of his two houses ( he has two homes on one lot...built the first one for the family and as the family expanded he built the second guest house). As luck would have it, Noahs brother had to move out because his hours were cut at work.

Robert, Noah's dad, called me and said the place would be ready by the 1st. After 3 failed attempts at trying to get a roommate from craigslist, I listened to the universe and said "i think Roberts offer is the most solid" and i took him up on it.

I moved in on Tuesday and got completely settled in today. I am a very simple man so i don't have lots of posessions. I do have a nice bed...a very comfortable bed that helps me sleep like a baby through the night. I am blessed in that department. The place is very cool and i was welcomed with open arms as i came in. I also save about $300 dollars a month on rent in utilities and whatnot.

This place is very close to the ocean
The weather is nice always because we are close to the water and if i didn't mention, the kids (cats) are happy. They have been engorging themselves with spiders and Crane flies..., it is quite cute.

I have attached some pics of the new place and the surrounding area:

As I always say, things have a way of working out for the best and its not really up to me. I am blessed and settled in, for now, but who knows what tomorrow brings, I don't and I look forward to that adventure.

Until next time....