In the grand scheme of it all...

This to some may not be the opportune way to start your day, it may not be the oppurtune way to start any day, but the truth is....its happening to much more of us than we would like to admit. Bank balances falling, bills piling up, and often times there seems no end in sight. It may seem like there is no hope and that your keep struggling with money. I have constantly struggled with money and for those of you asking, yes that is my actual bank balance. :-) and no there is no magical trust fund to fill that up, no 401K, no savings, no rich parents.

You may ask "Chad, why would you put such information out there? What is the purpose?" I put it out there so that people see that I am just like everyone else. I have the same struggles, I am not superman and I don't have all the answers. The purpose of it is to let you know that if the balance up above looks vaguely familiar, you are not alone. There are thousands of people with similar situations. The biggest blessing that i have is that I do not carry credit card debt, either for my business or my personal use. At times I think it would be a blessing because I pay my balances off entirely every month, but the truth of the matter was, when i had credit cards, the cost never justified the balance.

My point in this is that you have to realize that what your bank account says, is NOT a true reflection of who you are. Money will never make you better looking, more attractive to the opposite sex, funnier, smarter or give you ultimate happiness. Our Journey is about finding that from within. 2 years ago, I would have looked at this bank balance and cried, and stressed about how I was going to pay my bills. I have realized in my journey, that I have so much more richness within my soul than i could ever fill that bank account up with. I share and give and learn more with people than that bank account will ever show.

I wake up every day with the vision of that account being bigger and more plentiful. I keep the faith that one day it will be, with hard work, love and patience, but the truth of it is, that even when that account hits a million bucks, I will still be chad. I will still be driving decent cars and dressing in decent clothes, but more of my time and money will be given back to the community, the community where i live, helping people lift themselves up, sponsoring children's activities and giving hope to those in homeless shelters.

Keep the faith my friends. Things monetarily will get better. Don't stress. Stress is the thing that will kill you and take you away from the ones you love. Mankind makes the money, money never makes the mankind. If you are submersed in debt and stressing out, step away. Go for a walk and I urge you to start meditating to cleanse your minds of all the negative thoughts that may be floating around in your head. Cleanse yourself of all the negative associations with money. Just because you have more of it, doesn't mean your life is going to be any better.

Have a great day. Live your life in love and seek out happiness. Surround yourself with people that believe in themselves as well as you. Avoid hanging out with those that bring you down. Live in the absence of fear. Thank you for listening and allowing me to share...

Until next time, Namaste.