love, life and kitties.

I think we try to make it more then it is. We wake each day seeking out some meaning in our life. "What is my purpose?", is the biggest question I hear every day. "What am i supposed to do next with my life?" is another biggie. I think to be fair to that question I throw out my usual disclaimer, I am not a prophet and I don't have all the answers, but i can tell you that the 1 thing i have learned is that our sole purpose here on earth is...

to be happy!

Well how do i find happiness is the next question. It is within you. It always has been, your journey, your path is to find that. You will never find it outside of yourself. People that strive for happiness in things find temporary fixes to a want, much like a drug addict and their next score. You won't find it in the new house, the new car, the latest clothes, or a huge yacht. Yes those things are nice, but they are temporal...and of this world. They bring temporary happiness until the next big fix.

Here is one that may piss some people off, but trying to find the love of your life, won't bring you happiness. You have to be truly happy and madly in love with yourself before you find or attract that other person in your life. If you don't end up in a relationship, or married or with kids, or with the person you are "destined" to be with, if you believe that, its okay! Life will go on and the love you have from yourself and your friends and family will carry you through. Move away from this idea that you will go through your "golden years" alone. If you think that way, you have created your future. Best quote I have heard is "to thyne own self, be true"

I find joy in the littlest of things, my three cute adorable, schizophrenic, moody, loving, spastic but heartwarming cats. I wake up and know that i make a difference in their life every day by giving them a good home, as much love as they could possibly get and a roof over their head. I try to be the best friend to all my friends (although, i am not perfect). I enjoy the breeze on my face on a warm day, i love hearing the birds chirp, and enjoy the aromatic coffee i drink every morning.

Find the joy, find the love and be happy. It doesn't come from out there, it comes from within you

Om namah shivaya

I honor the divinity that resides within me

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