The amazing people we meet

So yesterday I had to bring my car to the shop because of some electrical issues that I have been having.  I switched to a new shop closer to my house and the customer service was excellent.  My service advisor was proficient and very enthusiastic to help me out.  He had me written up and on my in 20 minutes.

I was able to use the complimentary shuttle service because I lived within the 10 mile radius of the shop.  I had the privilege of getting a ride home from a fine gentlemen named Chilano.  He was so nice and fun to talk to.  He has a great attitude and loves what he is doing

He comes from Oaxaca and has been working here for 10 years and finally brought the rest of his family here.  He informed me that his wife just gave birth to their 6th and last child.  He has three boys and three girls and loves being a father and it shows.  

He also said that him, his wife and five children share a 1 bedroom apartment.  I think if you have ever complained about lack of space, try living 8 people in a 1 bedroom place.  I can't imagine what kind of living that is.  Chilano says he is happy and he really loves his wife.  

I think it is another way in which we should all be thankful for what we have or for those of us considering new housing because of lack of space, check your true living space and how much of your life is clutter and how much is necessary.

Until next time....

Chad BordesComment