to twitter, facebook, plaxo, myspace or not, that is the question

Is there too much social media out there. For every site out there, there are 4 more new ones appearing every day. I get overwhelmed by it all and all the invites I have to join new social media sites. I have limited it to Facebook and twitter. Those are all i need. My blog feeds through facebook so those that want to stay tied in, can check facebook. I use twitter to update my facebook on the fly as well as posting pics.

Have i met any celebs or got any shout outs...NO!. Those of you thinking that you may get a shout out anytime soon, keep your fingers crossed. It may happen. I think you have to make a profound statement however, it can't be just a one liner line @realhughjackman...i loved your movie. He probably gets over a 1000 of those a day. What is the difference between an @ the person and a dm. DM means they follow you and you can direct message them like a text message. An @ message just means you are reposting on the board for everyone to see, including the person, but they may not respond to you.

If you are using it for business, the more people you interact with the better. Your message gets thrown out there to more people. You may get friends of friends of friends. Be cautious: You don't want to piss everyone off by advertising all the time, they will unfollow you and that in the business world = lost revenue. Make sure to follow people that are in your industry or possibly 6 degrees of separation. If you are in the flower business, it may not make sense to follow a computer scientist. There has to be interest. Look at people like Perez Hilton. He has boatloads of followers and posts gossip stuff all day. RT or retweets can be a good way to pass information to friends that may not have the same network as you and this way gives them good information

If all else fails, pick up the phone and try a phone call. Remember those...yes your PDA or cell phone actually will make phone calls and you can talk to the person on the other end. It tends to be quicker than a text and a little more personal. Hell what do i know... I remember something from college, "the more i learn, the less i know"

Have a great day and get out and enjoy some beautiful weather wherever you are. Grab some great oxygen into your lungs. Listen to the sounds that fill your head and just be.

Until next time.

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