After the prom...

So yesterday i went with my friends on an 80's prom crawl. We rented a 45 person party bus, metat pacifica in Del Mar and soon we were off.

We loaded on the bus and began the journey downtown. The itinerary was simple. Jack's in La Jolla, then tower 23 in PB, J-Bar Downtown, Universal in Hillcrest, and finished up at the Whiskey Girl in the gaslamp. I ended up being the wrangler. I made sure that everyone stayed on task and that everyone was on the bus. I can't take all the credit, Noah the Duke, ended up helping as well.

Noah got voted as kick ass honor we all wish we could have bestowed upon us. It was a good night. It got crazy the closer we got to the end of the night. I think the alcohol had an effect on all. People were singing, and being crazy and there was a bunch of high school stuff going on.

So all in all it was a great night. Lots of craziness, one cat fight, one angry police officer because we parked the bus in the middle of market, plenty of drunkenness and lots of laughs. Who needs a reunion with a night like this.

Until next time.

Chad BordesComment