The Mark Sanford Scandal...

So today i awoke to the LA times discussing the Mark Sanford scandal about him being unfaithful to his wife and possibly using tax payers money to finance his trip to see his mistress. I am sharing my opinions on this. Why did Mark Sanford do this? Why did he cheat on his wife? Was he thinking about his kids? Were tax funds used to finance this trip? These are all valid questions, however, I am just going to share my concerns over the pertinent information.

Lets start with the obvious. Mark Sanford had an affair. Is it uncommon? Not at all. Statistics say that somewhere in the neighborhood of 55-65% of marriages have infidelity in either direction. So then why is this a big deal? Because he is a public official and public officials are held to the highest moral standard possible. Is this just and fair? In my humbled opinion, the answer is, No.

We tend to put too much faith in a man and get disappointed when that man or woman lets us down. Very much like the clinton scandal back in the early 2000's. Everybody was hurt that he did what he did, no less at the white house. In my opinion, this type of stuff has been occurring for many years. We all know about it, but we turn the other cheek. It doesn't affect us directly, until we know, say for instance when it is made public.

Mark Sanford is another individual tied up in this moral dilemma. We elect an official and expect them to live on perfect street. They have perfect lives, they have perfect finances, perfect spouses, perfect offspring and live on perfect street. Bullshit...I am letting you know that they are human. They have the same issues as you and I, however, we elected them because of the most real human element and that is like and trust. We liked them and what they stood for.

How about we elect all officials and put them on level street, not perfect street or sub par avenue. They are on the level and may have high points or low points. We elect them in all of their good and all of their bad. How about we remove the label good or bad. We could start labeling people as human. Humans are after all animalistic in many of behaviors, with the exception of reasoning and opposable thumbs.

The real issue is did Mark Sanford use tax payer funds to finance this trip? This should be the real and only issue that people have with Mark. Did he use a government leased jet to fly to South America. Did he use government cash or credit cards to pay for meals while away? Did he use government funds to pay for his hotel room? These are all important issues that need to be addressed by South Carolina voters.

The only other issue that exists is why did he lie about his whereabouts? Why did he tell his staff he was hiking when he was actually out of the country? This may be a thought for his the direction of his moral compass. I as an individual voter would be upset about him not telling the truth, but i would also want to dig down and find out what was going on with him. After all he is human and not a super human or God.

The rest of this stuff is between Mark, his wife and kids and his higher power/belief. Do we need to know about the woman he had an affair with? No. Do we need to know if she has kids or where she lives? No. Do we need to spend money flying down to get third party interviews with her family and friends? Again No. What we need to do is focus on the real issue, which is the personal pleasure trip mixed with government funds.

He is a man. We need to forgive and move on. Those of you that are gossip mongers or sleezy information whores, good luck to you. I want to have no part of your inquiries or findings. Lets get to the real issue and move away from the personal stuff. Mark Sanford, I forgive you and trust that you will make the right decision. I will not support the media's efforts to dig deeper into your personal dilemma. Shouldn't we all?
Chad BordesComment